A new book “Where Paint Goes,” has been authored by Larry Lewis (AKA Renzo), internationally known painter, sculptor, and designer. It might be enough to be recognized in any one of these arenas, but Lewis now adds author to the list, having over 50 years of advancing his way through the ranks of the creative industry. He now assembles his experiences in a single historic story, to share with the reader, “the art that affected my life and the life that affected my art,” a true adventure cover to cover.

As a veteran of over five decades in the creative industry, Larry Lewis has been recognized for his abilities as a painter, sculptor, illustrator, and as a designer in graphics, conceptual promotions, and exhibits.  In addition, he has served as an art director, creative director, undergraduate advertising arts instructor, private post-secondary college administrator, mentor and more.

With no formal training, Lewis dove into the creative industry at an early age, first exploring illustration and cartooning, then painting, being represented by his first gallery before he graduated high school. In his many years working in the fine arts industry, Lewis has exhibited and has been collected all over the United States, the east coast of Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany and China. With solo exhibitions and or collections by four art museums in the United States and the Dolan Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China.

Where paint goes by Larry Lewis is available online and can be purchased at Writers Republic,  Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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